Why We Buy a Baby Milk Bottle?


  A newborn has to eat, and the options are breast, bottle, or a combination of the two. Buying a baby milk bottle might seem like an obvious purchase if you plan to use formula, but it might not be the first thought you have if you are breastfeeding and concerned about nipple confusion, or baby being able to latch properly. However, no matter what, or how, you plan to feed baby, a milk bottle is an essential baby gear item, and here is why:

  Provide mom with much needed breaks — Even if mom is planning on breastfeeding, eventually she will need to take time away from baby either for her own sanity for the sake of real world responsibilities. Once baby has established a nursing routine and is good at latching and thriving (3-6 weeks), then parents can introduce a milk bottle so mom can sleep or slip away with ease.

  Help dad and other caregivers bond with baby — Feeding baby is a great opportunity for dads to bond with their baby and take over some of the workload from mom so she can rest. Cradling baby and making eye contact while holding a milk bottle brings baby and dad together in a fashion that is similar to a breastfeeding mom allowing their relationship to grow.

  Convenience and transportability — Being able to feed baby when mom is not around will be a necessity at some point, and being able to carry around a milk bottle for baby on the go will help increase freedom for both parents on the go. An easy to use milk bottle can make an outing with dad a huge success instead of a frustrated hungry failure.

  Provide independent skill building time for baby --Being able to hold a milk bottle and learning to tilt and rotate as necessary for feeding helps baby learn hand eye coordination, grip strength, and independence in a way that is self-motivating and takes little encouragement when baby has developed enough to make this transition.

  Formula Feeding Only — Whether you have decided to feed formula from the beginning, or your breastfeeding dreams don't work out, you'll need a milk bottle for feeding baby. It is much easier to have a few on hand to test out than feeling desperate if nursing isn't working or your original milk bottle choice is not accepted by your baby.

  Finding the right milk bottle that baby likes, and you can live with, is likely going to be more difficult than you originally thought with many babies struggling to use different types of milk bottles and/or nipples. Buying a milk bottle isn't as simple as grabbing a cheap one off the shelf and hitting the checkout line, and knowing what to look for and which features you should consider can be the difference between finding the perfect fit or spending a lot on milk bottles you'll never use.